14 Recommendations

"Wayne has a business mind and the ability to connect with people. He is always happy and a pleasure to be around."

— Sonya D. Colley, Senior Training Specialist, Rollins, Inc./Orkin, Inc., worked with Wayne at Terminix


"I worked with Wayne while he was with Terminix. We also went through the Management Training Program around the same time. I never worked directly with Wayne on any projects, but he always seemed to be in the top percentile of all performance reports I reviewed. Wayne was respected by his direct and indirect reports while at Terminix. When I moved to the Atlanta area to run a Terminix branch, Wayne was the first person to reach out and make me feel welcome to the team."

— Jeff Curtis, Branch Manager, Terminix International, worked with Wayne at Terminix


"Wayne is a very tuned in, motivated, and results driven leader. He recruited me and was the primary reason I joined Terminix. I trained in his branch, and because of his intensity and competence, I was WELL prepared to lead my own branch."

— J. Shawn Young, Branch Manager, Terminix, worked directly with Wayne at Terminix


"I have known Wayne Cooper during his tour of duty with two companies and probably somewhat responsible for him being in both roles in this industry. Wayne has been a very good employee and manager of people, operations and P&L assignments in the locations he has managed. Not only is he a good cheerleader with his team he provides the right envoirnment for motivation to take place."

— Wayne C. Golden, Officer/VP of Commercial Ops., ServiceMaster/Terminix, managed Wayne indirectly at Terminix


"Wayne is a great leader that understands his team better than anyone I've met. He takes the time to understand each person, what motivates them and then uses that to help develop and motivate each person to the fullest extent. Even during tense situations he is a steady calming presence that lets everyone around him know that everything is going to be OK. In normal situations, he structures work so that people can enjoy their co-workers while still having fun."

— Jim Filter, General Manager, Schneider Logistics, worked directly with Wayne at Schneider National



"As my direct supervisor, Wayne was instrumental in coaching, mentoring and training me for future roles in the Company. Wayne had a direct impact on my ability to move up quickly within the Organization. As a direct result of his ability to develop Associates I was able to become the Team Operations Manager in just a few short years. Wayne is very knowledgable and is a great person to work with. I would reccommend him for any role."

— Tom Smith, Operations manager, Schneider National, reported to Wayne at Schneider National


"Wayne is an exceptional leader. His ability to accurate interpret the perspectives of others is invaluable. He has a keen eye for successfully a business. He demonstrates true care for his team and his infectious sense of humor draws others to him."

— Royce Johnson, Director of Operations, Schneider National, managed Wayne at Schneider National


"While I was based at Schneider National’s Detroit Operating Center I had the privilege of working with Wayne. Wayne stressed the importance of continuous improvement, leadership, relationships and the value of one’s own network. These are items that were extremely valuable to me as a new leader and now as a more tenured leader, have become the absolute cornerstone for my career. When I think about the leaders that I have learned most from, he is at the top of the list."

— Sandra Martinez, Senior Service Team Leader, Schneider National, reported to Wayne at Schneider National


"Wayne served as a peer leader at Schneider National and was quickly promoted to Operations Manager. Wayne's ability to be a leader amongst his peers, his ability to handle stress in a calm manner, and great interpersonal skills enable him to excel."

— Ben Schill, Manager, Schneider National, worked indirectly for Wayne at Schneider National


"Working for Wayne; “Coop” at Schneider National I was privileged to be a member of an incredibly strong and cohesive work team. The strength of this team was a direct result of Coop’s ability to develop his people, both as individual members of a team and the team as a whole. As a result our operation typically exceeded performance expectations. The environment Coop created was challenging, fun and rewarding. I experienced significant personal and professional development as a direct result of his mentoring"

— Stephan Bodette, Manager - Dedicated Account / Operations, Schneider National, reported to Wayne at Schneider National


"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Wayne beginning in 1997. It was evident, from the start, that Wayne had solid abilities in management and achieving results. However, what sets Wayne apart is his ability to work across various levels of associates while connecting with each person. Wayne assisted me numerous times while with Schneider. I have the utmost appreciation for his management abilities and an even greater respect for his 'people skills'. Any organization would be wise to invite Wayne to be an associate."

— Don Hendricks, Team Operations Manager, Schneider National, worked directly with Wayne at

Schneider National


"Wayne Cooper is leader of exceptional quality. His leadership style, interpersonal skills, work ethic, and character are of the highest caliber. Wayne possesses a rare ability to balance meeting challenging collective goals while supporting and developing the team. An exceptional mentor and team builder. As a testament to the above, the opportunity to work with Wayne again played a role supporting my decision to remain with Schneider National Carriers and relocate from Detroit to Memphis. I benefited greatly from his mentor-ship and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. Respectfully, Patric A. Stuber CPT, AR TNARNG Commanding"

— Patric Stuber, CPT, TN Army National Guard, worked with Wayne at Schneider National


"I reported to Wayne in 2003 when we worked dedicated retail together. I learned much from Wayne during our short time together. He is highly organized with an excellent insight into the business world! It was always a pleasure in each and every interaction."

— Herman Anderson, Account Service Manager, Schneider National, reported to Wayne at Schneider National


"Wayne was my leader and mentor when I joined Schneider National. He was a true leader of leaders who I learned a great deal about transportation and guided me with his knowledge. He is a true friend and manager who understands how to bring about the best in his people. I highly recommend Wayne to any organization that is looking for a inspirational leader who knows how to improve his people and business."

— Mathew Wilczynski, Operations Manager, Schneider National, Inc., reported to Wayne at Schneider National


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